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3 Must Try Microsoft Ads Tips For Your Campaign

Microsoft Bing powers 37.7% desktop searches in the United States, so there’s a high chance that your potential customers are on Bing. And while Google has more recognition than Bing, Bing still ranks as one of the world’s top search engines.

In this article, we’ll provide three specific tips for your Microsoft Ads campaigns that will help you reach more customers, and grow your business.

Unique Extensions

Microsoft has unique ad extensions that can be great for your ads and can bring amazing results to your business. Among them are action, review, and image extensions.

Action extensions allow you to add a call-to-action (CTA) button within your search ad. You can leverage up to 70 different pre-set CTAs in all Bing Ads supported languages. These CTAs help you drive ready-to-convert customers to your website. Furthermore, it also increases CTRs by 20% on average.

Review extensions allow you to display a positive review, or ranking by a third party directly in your ad. By showing off reviews by customers based on their experience with your business, you are building trust and strengthening your brand. These reviews and ratings are clickable, free and they give your ads a big chance of attracting attention from quality customers

Image extensions allow you to add your image, a carousel of images to your search ad, or combine with other ad extensions to make image extensions even better. Image extensions make your ad more attractive and impactful which makes it easier for your potential customers to make a quick decision. Searchers will be able to see exactly what they’re looking for and take an immediate action.

Adding extensions to your ads allow you to secure premium placements on Microsoft Audience Network on sites like MSN, Outlook, and Edge. It allows you to have more ready to convert customers and helps you filter out customers who are not interested in your product. 

LinkedIn Profile Targeting:

Inclusive advertising is an essential key element that gives your company a framework for long-term loyalty and growth. Inclusion and diversity together can create much greater engagement with your customers.

Microsoft helps you reach this inclusive advertising as it comprises of many platforms including; Bing, LinkedIn, AOL and Yahoo search engines, Skype, and all of their display partners.

This inclusion means having diverse ads and promotions and considering all types of audiences including age, gender, ethnicity, location, and language…etc. Your inclusive advertising can be seen when you expand to an audience of a particular ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, immigration status, military status, ability, or an intersection of these.

Microsoft’s unique additional targeting features as LinkedIn Profile Targeting allows you to target a particular audience. For instance, targeting people based on information such as the company they work for, their job title. It’s very specific and great for targeting high-value clients or building B2B sales.

Inline location targeting recommendations

The first ad you create on your Microsoft ads account will likely not have the best results. Therefore, it is a good idea when you start to create several different ads for your campaign to find which works great for you. And if the target location you choose has big potential for you to reach out to or not.

With Inline Location Targeting recommendations feature, you can use Microsoft Advertising recommendations that suggest for your business new areas to target.

Microsoft Advertising demonstrates the estimated impact of these recommendations. It underlines the estimated increase in impressions and search volume you could see by targeting the new locations suggested. These recommendations can also be seen on detailed maps to have a clear idea about which areas to target.

Nevertheless, you should always be patient and give your ads time to obtain a few impressions to be able to get the best recommendations. This will help you decide the best location targeting that would get you more reach and clicks.

Be sure to test out our tips for your Microsoft Advertising so you don’t miss out on any potential customers, and if you’re ever stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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