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Checklist before starting with Instaon

A short checklist to take into consideration before starting advertising with Instaon.

A. Website

You need to have a (responsive) website in order to use Instaon.  If you do have a website, which is not responsive or slow, we highly recommend to upgrade it or create a new one.

New website needed?

You can create a website in a few clicks with our partner Wix. Once you have your beautiful website ready, come back and start getting new customers.

B. Advertising Budget

As any other type of advertising, online ads comes with a cost (=investment). You need to pay Google & Microsoft to appear on top of their search results. Same story with Facebook & Instagram to push your ads in your audience’s newsfeed.

This means that even on our Free plan, you still have to pay the advertising budget. 

You need to be prepared to unlock a monthly advertising (marketing) budget to start growing.

C. Right Expectations

Online advertising might offer direct expected results for some businesses, but for a majority it will take some time.

The power of online ads resides in optimisation. Instaon and major players like Google or Facebook, continuously improve your ads and audiences over time. Long story short, your ads are getting better every day. 

Don’t expect overnight success & hundreds of new customers after a few days. Some customers need time to consider purchases or calling. Some will come back after a few week. Some others will bookmark your website and call you after a few days.

For all these reasons, we recommend our users to try a marketing campaign for at least 3 consecutive months to see the full potential of online advertising on Instaon.


More information on this checklist can be found here.

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