Search Ads Introduction

Appearing on Google and Bing remains a must-have for the majority of businesses out there. Bing has more than 360 million daily searches and Google more than 6 billion! Lots of opportunities to reach your target audience, right?

Google & Microsoft Search Ads

If done right, it can bring you valuable monthly leads in a very short period of time.  From day 1 you will also get the opportunity to interact with potential clients and get feedback. If done wrong, you will end up  wasting money and leave frustrated. 

So how do we get this right ? 

You are an expert and spend hours on keyword research and optimisations or  you simply use Instaon 🙂 .

This section will guide you through the different steps of your Instaon campaign setup. Follow our best-practices and your campaigns will be unbeatable. 

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