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Improve Your Ad Spend With A/B Testing

Pay Per Click advertising is a key component for having great online marketing. It helps your business grow and allows you to get more customers. As you grow your business, it is important to keep testing and iterating your ads. The goal for A/B testing is to learn about what makes your advertising successful. You might not get sales right away. But every A/B test you run should teach you something new about how to improve the performance of your ads.

With A/B testing, you run two different variations of a single campaign to see how small changes to your ad can impact your results over time. For A/B testing to be successful, it’s important to test a single variable at a time. This way you will know exactly what is or isn’t working for your audience, so you can create better ads in the future.

The best thing about A/B testing is knowing when and how much to spend on your ads. Every business has a different goal. So knowing to place your dollars is important.

So how to start your A/B testing?

  • Create a budget and set the amount you will spend on each ad test. As you need enough data to analyze A/B tests results, We recommend a minimum budget of 300€-500€, but you create a budget that works best for your business.
  • Once you have set your ad budget the next step is to make the ads and decide what you will test. With two variations of a single campaign, you can A/B test the creative content like pictures video, copy, call to action, headline, links, or something else. Ultimately you are making small changes to each ad to figure out which ad captures your audience’s attention and has a greater return on investment. You could even test your ads on a smaller audience to forecast how well they will be received by a similar larger audience.
  • The next step is to set up your ads to run your A/B test on some platforms like Facebook Instagram or Google Ads. while running your campaigns monitor your insights to see how well each ad is performing with the different variables you have created check your insights or analytics to see which ad has better impressions, engagement click-through rate, or conversions.

When analyzing data, you should pay attention to how your target audience interacts with your ad. Using this data, you can start to understand your audiences’ interests and behaviors. This will help you create ads that are even more effective in the future while also maximizing your ad’s spend.  

A/B testing isn’t limited to just creative or written copy. You can also test your ads to different demographic groups like age, location, or gender of your target audience. Be meticulous with what you want to learn from every test. It’s easy to get impatient and run multiple ads trying to get sales but you are limited budget will go a lot further if you stay focused on learning first and earning later.

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