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As you might know, you need to pay Google and Microsoft, if you want to appear on top of their search results with paid ads. Same story with Facebook, if you want to push your ads into potential clients’ News Feed. 

Like TV commercials, radio spots, print ads or any other kind of advertisements, you need to pay an advertising budget.

With Instaon, you have two options to pay your advertising credit:

  1. You link existing ad accounts you have and the publishers (Google, Facebook or Microsoft) will handle the billing directly with you.
  2. You credit your advertising budget on your Instaon account and Instaon will handle the billing with you. 

If you decide to credit your Instaon account (option 2), you will find your balance near the avatar. The balance will show you how much advertising budget you have left in your account at any moment.

Again, you are not obliged to credit your account, in order to use Instaon. If you link your existing ad accounts (from Google, Microsoft or Facebook) you will pay your advertising budget directly to these publishers. Your balance will then show ‘0’.

That being said, we recommend you to use only one credited Instaon account for all your channels. Why?

  • Make management of multiple ad accounts simple and fast.
  • Improve cross-channel optimisation through Instaon
  • Eligible for free credits on channels
  • Leave your existing ad accounts untouched.

Another possibility would be to have a mix of certain linked ad accounts and your credit Instaon account for other channels.

What if you have running campaigns in an existing  Google ad account, but decide to credit your Instaon account to make your life easier and run new ads on Google ? 

You must pause your running campaigns in the existing ad accounts to prevent having two accounts with live campaigns linked to one single website. Publishers could cancel your accounts otherwise.

By clicking on your balance button, you will have two different options when you have to top-up money.

  • Manual payment: you can click on ‘Add money’ and select any amount you would like to credit
  • Auto-payment:  you can activate auto-billing, which will automatically charge you when your balance reaches 0. (The amount charged is equal to 30 days of advertising budget of your enabled campaigns)
Your credits are then being used on your active campaigns, which are set with a daily advertising budget. More information here.

When your balance reaches zero, your ads will be automatically put on hold. To prevent this, we recommend you to activate auto-payment when you feel comfortable.

What if I don’t spend all my Instaon credit?

Unused Instaon credits remain on your balance and can be used for future ad campaigns. If you want, you can also ask to withdraw your credits.

How much a click costs?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. The most common (and frustrating) answer is, “It depends.” Your cost per click may vary between a few cents to several dollars depending on the competitiveness and your targeted region. But, Instaon makes sure to decrease your cost-per-click over time for your business through monthly optimisations.  

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