Overall Metrics

On top of your dashboard, you will find the main metrics of your campaigns. They may vary depending on your advertising objective you have selected.

Impressions: An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on the ad channel you chose (for example on Google, Bing or Facebook).

Clicks: A click is counted each time someone clicks on your ads. If someone searches for pizza in Milano and your ad appears there, he clicks on  your ad and lands on your website— it counts as a click.

Calls: The number of times potential customers called you thanks to the ads launched with Instaon.

Leads: The number of new leads (emails or FB chats) you got thanks to the ads launched with Instaon

Online sales: The number of online purchases made on your E- shop thanks to the ads launched with Instaon (coming soon)

How these metrics can help you? From time to time, come and check if they are going up. If they do, this means everything is working perfect. Meanwhile, Instaon will auto-optimise your ads to improve these metrics and get you more customers. 

For more detailed metrics, you will have to navigate to your ‘campaigns’ tab.

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