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Product release 2.0

We are on a mission to build the leading top-of-mind platform to manage all your SMB advertising. It is an ambitious goal but every product update gets us one step closer. That why I’m excited to announce our latest product release & the coming features. Enjoy!

New user interface & features

A new user interface with new features to make your advertising journey even simpler. 

  • We updated the user interface with a left-side navigation menu in order to simplify the navigation throughout our app.
  • We added detailed reporting around platforms, keywords, ads & audiences to give you a better idea of what is going on & what is working for your business.
  • You can now easily add keywords, audiences & ads to running campaigns by using our AI tools.
  • We updated our search ads to responsive search ads on Google & Microsoft.
  • Our customer support is always ready to help. Feel free to ask any questions you’d have!

What holds the future?

Shown aims to support the entire lifecycle of an advertising account. From the creation of cross-channel campaigns to the optimisation & management.

So far, we have been focusing mainly on the creation part in order to work seamlessly with the platforms powerful features & create best-in-class campaigns structures.

We are now ready to tackle optimisation features with our in-house AI. Be ready to see new features such as, automated keywords cleaning, keyword expander & ads copywriting enhancers really soon in your Shown dashboard!

Native ad platforms have evolved massively in the last couple of years with better AI algorithms, new features & new best-practices. That’s why Shown stands out from legacy solutions & it is only the beginning.


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