Search Ads advertising budget

If you want to appear on top of Google or Bing with paid ads you to need to pay Google or Microsoft. We call this the advertising budget. Yes.. nothing is free in live. (except our Instaon Free plan 🙂)  

How much does it cost to appear on top of Google or Bing for certain keywords?

You pay per click on your ad. It is not a fixed amount per keyword, but rather a more complex computation.

Follow-up question anticipated! How much cost clicks.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. The most common (and frustrating) answer is, “It depends.” Your cost per click may vary between a few cents to several dollars depending on the competitiveness and your targeted region. But, Instaon makes sure to decrease your cost-per-click over time for your business through monthly optimisations.


You provide Yoga classes in Brussels and you want to appear on top of search results when people are looking for ‘Yoga classes’ in Brussels. The average cost per click for that specific keyword in Brussels is 1€. 

f you select a 5€ per day (150€/month budget), you can expect up to 5 relevant clicks per day on your ads leading to your website. If you want more traffic you will need to choose a higher package. 

How to select my advertising budget?

There is no perfect budget when starting. You need to see how the market is reacting on your offers and how many new customers you can get with a given budget. Clients often start small and increase their budgets over the months.

However, it is recommended to start with a minium of 5$/day (150$/month) budget. Lower budgets will lead to really few clicks and no optimisation possibilities.

Once your ads are running for a while and have already been optimised, you start to see how much a new client really cost. Making a decision to increase or decrease your advertising budget becomes then easier. 

If we take the Yoga example and assume every 20 clicks, you get a new inscription. A new client acquisition would cost you 20$. You then need to ask you the following :

How much is a client worth to me ? 

In most cases a new subscription might stay with you several weeks and be a few hundreds of $ worth. Your ads are profitable and you can start increasing your advertising budget to get even more customers

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