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The essential components of a landing page for high conversion rates

Landing pages are essential to online advertising. These pages are where visitors land on when clicking for example on ads links from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram… etc.

Landing pages are designed for one single goal which allow marketers to guide visitors by setting a simple call-to-action (CTA).

It is important to know the key elements for a successful landing page to amplify the chances for conversion in order to increase sales and profit.

Consistent Branding & Logo
The Landing page and the website should have consistent branding. Your landing pages need to have your logo to ensures that your visitors tell where they are and what brand is offering the products/services they are interested in.

Persuasive Main Headline & Sub Headline
Your landing page headline is the very first thing your visitors will see. Thus, your headline should be short and clear in order to define exactly what your product or service is all about. The main headline should catch the attention of the visitor to keep him on your page.
In addition, a sub-headline is also needed to support the primary headline with little more detail in order to convince the visitor to stay more on the page and encourage them to take action.

Strong Call To Action (CTA)
One common mistake in landing pages is failing to demonstrate to the visitor what to do and where to go.
Landing pages should have a clear and strong call-to-action to convince and give motivation to visitors to take action. It is better to design a simple page with a single CTA button without distractions to drive and increase conversions.
Many businesses use a “sign up” CTA, but there many types of CTA such as, Subscribe, Get started, Join us, Try for free… etc.

Visual Images & Videos
87% of online marketers use videos to promote their business which increase their revenue by 49% faster than non-video users.
Videos and Images are crucial to increase conversions. Thus, it has a significant importance in landing page as it can show best about your products/services to your visitors. People are expected to respond quicker to audio and visual ads such and therefore using a marketing video is very affective.
Landing page containing visuals improves engagement and can make your offer more exciting and interactive.

Finally, as an example; a thousand people click your ad, 20% take an action CTA Then 5% of them convert. If you optimize your landing page so that call-to-action increased clicks to 40%, that means doubling your conversion too. The above components are necessary to design an effective landing page. You can test it, modify it and improve it continuously in order to get the best conversion results.

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