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Google AdWords country: an introduction to Google AdWords.

AdWords is an advertising service where you can buy ads on Google and its partners. With Google ads, you can reach out to potential customers within your locality and beyond, whether your targets are sports fans, games lovers, music lovers and so on. It includes search, display, video and app advertisements. Depending on your search interest, you can as well select your preferable audience based on gender, age, using websites, news pages, blogs, and Google websites as Google display network covers almost all internet users Nationwide.

Why AdWords is different for each country

Creating a separate AdWords campaign for different countries is the best way to monitor, expand and refine your keywords and ads using different languages by creating separate campaigns for each state and optimizing it accordingly. Note that Google doesn't translate keywords, endeavor to use keywords that will reach your potential customers.

For example, Stephen wants to advertise his car in Turkey to a French-speaking audience in France. He will target his ads to France and also write it the French language.

Also, consider your time zone, because Google sets your time zone with the country where you set up your account. If you desire your ad to be displayed on business hours or anytime in a country with different time zone as yours, endeavor to set the time difference to suit the period with the country you are targeting.

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Try location and language targeting

Location targeting focuses your advertising on the direction of your target audience, regardless of how enticing your ad may seem, it won't yield the desired result if it doesn't appear in the right place. However, you can also use both location and Language targeting to single-out your customers in a foreign land, with a combination of both languages. Let me make further using an example:

English speakers who live in Portugal are your targeted audience; you will need to set your country of the target as Spain and your language targeting to English. In this case, when Google detects an English speaker on your ad will display to them, although it is advisable to create a different ad campaign for separate language and country.

Know the value of your CPC

Cost per click is the pricing for every click on your ad. This means that whenever your ad is clicked on, you will pay Google a price mutually agreed on. It is determined by many factors such as maximum bid, the rank of other websites, quality score, and bidding of the same keywords. There is Maximum CPC, which is the highest amount advertisers are willing to pay per click and the final amount charged on the ad, which is called Actual CPC.

How to breakdown CPC

Let's say you are running an advertisement campaign. You get 50 clicks on the ad, and the CPC is the US $5. The sum that the advertiser will receive should be 5 × 50 = US $2500.00

The cost to the advertiser = CPC x Number of clicks gained. Simple! It's left for you to check if you are at a loss, then analyze your data and refine your keywords to stand a better chance for conversions.

Google AdWords competitors and niches

Today in the online marketing world, you need to know what ads your competitors are running to be able to succeed. That is, there are various tools you can use to spy on these ads to create a perfect and specific ad related to your niche. With these tools, you can also see their landing pages, top ad networks, countries they are targeting and more.

Although, it depends on what you're advertising and the platform you chose, try to use competitive keywords analysis to get better ideas on how to outsmart your competitors and gain an advantage in your business industry.

Effects of a niche on your CPC

The slot is your area of expertise - what you advertise to your audience. It's a huge factor that influences your cost per click (CPC). Indeed, different topics will affect the CPC differently depending on the location of your customers.

For example, imagine these two niches: A niche on homeless people and niche on yachts. A niche on a yacht will pay higher CPCs for your platform because CPCs depend on the service you're rendering. If the product has a higher value, the adviser may offer higher CPCs as they will recover it with just a sale.

Niche also play a role in your click-through rate (CTR)

It's pertinent to note that high CTR doesn't translate to high income, as in most cases there might be clickbait ads that move people to the landing page of an advertiser without making a sale. A niche with relevant keywords is a good chance in AdWords; this will drive the right audience to your website which will also want to click-through and purchase.