Google adwords in Nepal

Nepal has a population of 29 millions and 5 millions Net users 5 millions people utilize world wide web in Nepal which has a total population of 29 millions.

Google Adwords marketing in Nepal is greatly developed and your possibility to reach 5 millions million Web users is thus essential Nepal has been doing good when it comes to Google Adwords advertising therefore reaching 5 millions million internet users is vital for an enterprise.

You can target your advertising in: Nepali Nepali may be targeted for your ads). In the area Kathmandu, your ad campaigns will have a powerful effect Residents in the area Kathmandu can be expected to have best impact.

The best known web domain extension in India is the ".np", it is necessary for the localization of your Google Adwords adsYou need to put emphasis on the localization of the advertisements simply because ".np" is the most famous web domain extension in India.

Your Adwords campaigns might be paid in Nepalese rupee directly into your Google Adwords ID It is possible to pay for your Adwords campaigns easily in Nepalese rupee via your Adwords account). You can easily automate your Adwords campaigns using InstaonInstaon can make your task much simpler by automating your Adwords campaigns.

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Some Statistics

The average cost-per-click across all industries in Google Ads over Internet is $2.69.

The average click-through rate for an ad in position 1 is 7.94 %. The average CTR on AdWords paid search is about 2 %.

43 % of new customers buy a product they have seen in a YouTube ad.

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