Google adwords for loan officers

Google ads can help loan officers get the right leads, that will in turn, lead to a productive loan disbursement.

Some common keywords used with respect to loans are:

  • loan application
  • mortgage rates
  • 15 year mortgage
  • ARM
  • Adjustable mortgage
  • Fixed mortgage
  • 30 year mortgage
  • 40 year mortgage
  • lowest rate mortgage

You can also substitute the word "mortgage" with "loan" depending on your local market. While using these keywords, make sure to include negative keywords such as car, boat or anything else that is relevant to you.

Alternately, consider using auto-applied ad suggestion adwords and ad delivery adwords tools to generate the ads you want. If you're still unsure, reach out to a Google adwords company to help you until you get a good grasp of Google ads and Google analytics.

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Some Statistics

Share of Google of all media advertisment revenue : 18 %.

30.89 % : percentage of smartphone Google results that return minimum one advertisment on the first page.

For every $1 spent on PPC campaign, companies earn approximatly $2.

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