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We all know that pay-per-click campaigns are effective and can give our business a wide reach to the customer base we want. But then, this process is fairly time consuming and effort-centric. This means, you need a resource or a team to handle these PPC campaigns, depending on how much extensively you use it. Unfortunately, having a dedicated team can end up getting expensive unless you're a large organization.

What about the many small and medium businesses who want to tap into the potential of PPC campaigns, but can't afford to have dedicated resources for it? Well, don't fret because all is not lost.

If you prefer to talk to another human being about your campaign, its progress and what you should do to improve the results, you can take the services of a reputed Google SME partner. If you prefer a software instead, go for a feature-rich Google adwords optimization tool.

Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
Accelerate Campaign Management
Only pay Google Adwords for visits you receive
Fully automated PPC campaign campaigns
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Some Statistics

Consumers are 27 times open to click on a video ad than standard banners.

Share of Google of all media online advertisment income : 18 %.

The standard CPC over all sectors in Google AdWords over Internet is $2.69.

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