PPC for attorneys

Whoever said PPC is only for large businesses that sell unique products to customers?

PPC is a ubiquitous marketing strategy that is well-suited for large, medium and small companies, even sole proprietorship business. Regardless of your location and offering, you can use PPC to reach out to a wide pool of potential customers.

Attorneys are no exception too. They can use PPC to expand their client base and grow their business. The advantage with PPC is you can choose very specific keywords and locations depending on the nature of your service. For example, if you're a DUI lawyer specializing in the city of Bath in the UK, you can create a PPC campaign where your ads will be displayed only to someone living in Bath and searching for a DUI lawyer. Such precision will give you the best conversion return and greatest possible ROI.

Automated Adwords
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Optimized Google Ads performance
Improve your PPC campaign performances at any time
Optimize keywords performances
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Some Statistics

Marketers spend 51 % of their budget into mobile ads.

65 percent of clicks done by users willing to buy go to paid advertising.

Share of Google of media advertisment income : 18 %.

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