PPC for real estate investors

Real estate investing is a cut throat market, so you need as much help as possible. PPC is a proven and budget-friendly way to get leads and potential customers for your business. Though you can handle PPC campaigns by yourself, it is highly recommended to take the help of a Google adwords agency because they are highly experienced and can use their knowledge and skills to help you make the most of your PPC and your budget.

The other option is to go in for a reliable adwords optimization software that will give you the necessary suggestions to tweak, so you can get more leads out of your campaign.

If you decide to do it yourself, here are two common mistakes that you should avoid.

  • Be specific about your location. You can even list zip codes if that works for you.
  • Have a good landing page.
Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
AI computation for Online advertising
Pay a on-demand amount regarding your investment-level
AI keyword research for Google Adwords
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Some Statistics

The average mobile Google ads CTR (click-through rate) falls of 45 % from position 1 to 2.

Facebook mentions that paid ads improve branding by as much as 80 %.

The standard CPC over all industries in Google AdWords on the search network is $2.69.

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