Google adwords for home inspectors

Just like other professions, home inspectors also turn to Google ads to generate leads for their business. In fact, Google ads is used by most home inspection companies across all major markets as it helps you to reach the right audience within your area of operations.

One of the major advantages is that the results are quicker when compared to strategies like SEO. As soon as you set up Google ads and Google analytics, you will start receiving impresseions and clicks on your ads, that in turn can give you the best inspection leads.

Another cool aspect about Google ads is that it is highly customizable. You get to decide the budget, keywords, location and other pertinent factors.

Despite these advantages, getting a hang of it is not easy. So, consider employing the services of a Google adwords agency or an adwords management software.

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Some Statistics

For every $1 paid on PPC campaign, companies make about $2.

Visitors are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad than standard banners.

Google's share of all media online advertisment revenue : 18 %.

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