Google adwords for therapists

Google adwords help to bring more customers for therapists, even if you're within a limited budget. Let's do some math here. As a therapist, let's say you charge an average of $100 for every client. Research shows that every client does an average of nine sessions, which means you earn about $900 from a single client. The cost of acquiring a new client through Google ads is around $200 on an average, and this means you earn $700 and possibly even more through word of mouth referrals from the client.

This makes Google ads and Google analytics a worthwhile advertising strategy for every therapist.

But it is not as easy as it sounds because you'll have to use the right settings to acquire a client for $200. This is where you need the hand of a Google adwords company that specializes in bringing the best results at most affordable rates.

Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
AI user intention research for PPC campaigns
Give a custom amount for your ideal level of investment
Easy PPC campaign setup
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Some Statistics

The average conversion rate in Google Ads over sectors is 3.75 % for search.

Approximatly 52 percent of people buying online choose to click on paid ad atop Google's search engine results pages.

Advertisers spend 51 % of their budget into mobile ads.

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