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Everything you need to know

No Google Ads account? No worries. Shown will automatically create one for you. Just select "Your Shown account" in the creation process and follow the steps.

We can understand your confusion. Our service of creating and optimising your ads is free* but you still have to pay Google, Microsoft and Facebook for the clicks you want to receive. We offer a free agency service, but you still have to decide & pay your advertising budget. You will only pay when people click on your ads. Traditional agencies charge people an extra fee to offer the service of setting up & optimising ads.

No. When you create an Shown account, we will ask you to share access to your Google Ads account (if you have one) in order to be able to create and improve your ads on your behalf.

Your credit card details are hidden to us. We work closely with Google Ads to optimize ads and they only give us access to campaign parameters, not to your billing information.

Any country in which Google, Microsoft & Facebook Ads is present, is also supported by Shown.

There is no catch. We spent years working in digital marketing before becoming automation experts, and we know the importance of good marketing to grow a business. We are proud to help small and medium businesses for free. When a business grows and needs advanced features or custom solutions, our paid plans are a logical next step. This is a win-win situation.

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