What Is Market Research? (And Why It’s So Important)

If you’re in business, you need to understand market research. It’s essential for understanding your customers, your competition, and your industry. Market research can help you make better decisions about everything from product development to pricing strategy. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult – there are plenty of easy ways to get […]

4 steps to create an Instagram content calendar for your business

Creating good Instagram content helps you promote and boost your business. However, posting any image or any content will not be enough. You need to provide your followers with unique and original content that they can’t find anyplace else. So, what are the steps to create an Instagram content calendar to keep your followers interested? […]

4 Email Marketing Tips For Your Sale Period

Communicating with customers and inviting them to buy your product is a great way to a successful business. And by implementing an email marketing strategy, you can attract people to your store and grow your sales. Email marketing still has the highest and most measurable ROI (return on investment) compared to all types of digital […]

5 Types of Google Analytics Reports You should Know About.

Are you a beginner to Google Analytics? Do you know the different reporting you can get about your website? Google Analytics is an important tool that provides access to valued data in terms of how users interact with your website, how much traffic you receive, and from where. Google Analytics can be integrated on your […]

Why don’t I see my ads in Google or Bing?

This is a recurring question from our Instaon clients. We will give your 3 reasons why there’s no point in trying to see your own ads in Google or Bing:  1) Advertising budget You most probably have a limited daily advertising budget. Therefore, Google & Bing try to distribute your budget throughout the day. Otherwise […]

Checklist before jumping into the online jungle🌴

Before spending time and money in digital marketing, make sure to be ready. At Instaon we have optimized thousands of campaigns. These are the most common mistakes we have encountered. 1) Post-click experience Don’t start paying for ads if they lead to a non-responsive website built in the 90s’ that takes 4 seconds to load. Every […]