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How to bring your business online during Covid-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread quickly all over the world, resulting in millions of infection cases and almost 1.5M deaths. While its impact varies from one country to another. It is evident that the global economy has been also affected due to restrictions imposed by governments to stop the spread of the virus.

Covid-19 has been severe and challenging for many SMBs Since they rely on daily offline sales to support their businesses. If your company has had to shut down or your sales decreased dramatically, you can still adapt to the pandemic situation and reach new customers. In this article, we will highlight three quick actions to bring your business online in covid-19.

Create a website

 Since most people are now staying at home and spend so much time on the internet, there is a great opportunity for your business to attain more customers and sales. People are shopping online for essentials products such as clothes, food, and medicines, and hence, online companies are witnessing a rise in demand. If you want to bring your business online, the first step is to invest in a website that contains all your products or services with a good image so you can be easily found online. Make sure to have all information highlighted there such as; the address, contact number, and email address so that potential customers can communicate with you.

Start online advertising

In a competitive market, running ads on Facebook, Linkedin, Microsoft, and Google is very crucial to your business. Paid ads will not only allow you to find new clients, it will also help to stay connected with your existing ones. Therefore, allocating a certain monthly budget to online advertising is important.  It will bring you a never ending flow of new traffic to your website and keep you top-of-mind for your existing client base.

Try Video conferencing (Zoom)

If your business offers services and you rely on direct interaction with customers. You can use a Video Conference Platform to provide your service and to keep your company operating. Many industries can benefit from video conferencing including Fitness & nutrition coaching, Legal consultation, clinic appointments, online classes, etc…

These 3 tips will not only help you do online to go through Covid-19 but it will help succeed for long-term. 

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