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Instaon keywords: best practices 🧐

Many businesses waste money when starting with Google or Microsoft Ads. The main reason is often a poor keywords set-up; wrong search keywords, wrong match types or not enough excluded keywords.

Fortunately, you don’t need to stress about them as Instaon automates the entire process for you. Instaon finds all the right search keywords for your business based on your budget and excludes all irrelevant keywords to prevent budget waste

Yet, if you want to make your ads unbeatable we have some best-practices to share hereunder when creating your Google or Microsoft Ads with Instaon.

Instaon keywords setup is divided into 3 steps:


  • Provide 3 keywords
  • Select relevant keywords from suggested list
  • Final keywords tree

1) Give 3 keywords

During the first step of keyword selection, you need to provide 3 relevant search keywords which describe your service or product .  Ask you the following question: 

What would you be searching on Google to find your business if you were a customer?

For best results, we recommend you to follow these tips:

  • Try to select specific and minimum two-words keywords describing your offering.
  • If you offer very varied services or products, try to group them in separate campaigns


You sell healthy dog & cat food online. Create one campaign with a focus dog and another for cats.

Campaign Dog – 3 keywords example

  • Healthy dog food
  • Dog meals
  • Fresh dog meals

2) Review 30 suggested keywords

As a second step, Instaon will provide you with a batch of 30 really different keywords. The idea is to understand your business scope and feed Instaon’s artificial intelligence. Select all keywords that are related to your business and on which you would like to appear.

Don’t be afraid if you see irrelevant keywords, just skip them. In average, you should select 10ish of them.

3) Check your final keyword tree

Here’s where the magic happens. Instaon provides you a final selection of search keywords based on your business, Instaon’s learning data of similar businesses and budget. You can find your keywords tree by going to your ‘campaign settings’.

Search keywords will be grouped into keywords Groups to make your selection easier.


Keyword Group : Dog meals

  • Keywords in family : healthy dog meals, dog meals recipes, dog meals for puppies, dog meals with meat, fresh dog meals, etc.
Again, make sure to select only relevant keywords on which you would like to appear. If your dog meals are vegan only, you might want to unselect ‘dog meals with meat’

After selection, Instaon will create everything automatically. From your ads setup with your search keywords to the list of negative keywords to avoid budget waste.

If by any malchance, the magic didn’t happen and there are no keywords in your tree or you would like other final keywords, you can always click on “Reset campaign keywords”.

The reset option should only be done when setting up a new campaign. We highly discourage users to reset a running campaign. Campaigns are being optimised daily by Instaon and resetting them would bring all optimisations back to zero.

What else would like to see in Instaon’s keywords process?

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