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A journey to a working SMB solution

Google vs Instaon

Instaon was founded in 2016 by, Gregory D’Harveng, a former Google employee.

During my 2 years at Google as account strategist, I had the chance to help thousands of clients with their online strategies and especially with their Adwords accounts. The lack of Adwords knowledge from the advertisers, as well as the poor (costly!) services offered by some agencies in my primary market (Benelux), made me realise that there was a huge space for improvement. This untapped opportunity, my entrepreneurial mindset and tons of courage were enough to make me quit Google and start my own digital agency, Instaon.

Modern Digital Agency

The digital agency specialised in performance marketing and rapidly grew- after a few months I found myself managing a portfolio of more than 2.2 million euros. Instaon’s secret recipe:

  • My experience and Google stamp
  • Some basic in-house built tools in order to automate some tasks
  • Lower management fees than big digital agencies

However, even if I was able to lower my fees and keep high quality services, I was convinced that better results could be achieved with more automation and machine intelligence. Moreover, this could result in even lower managing fees and allow to address a larger audience in need of direct online marketing:  Small & medium businesses.

Small & Medium Businesses Solution

Over time, I got passionate about helping smaller businesses to the point of giving up on working with bigger companies. After optimizing thousands of accounts, I spotted the two most important pains SMBs were encountering :

  • Google Ads is a complex tool and cannot be efficiently used by unexperienced people. I have seen numerous businesses trying the do-it-yourself angle and waste a large amount of their media budget due to horrible Adwords set-ups and management. No wonder they couldn’t see any return on their investments.
  • Most SMB’s need help from freelancers or agencies; which are most of the time too expensive.  If a company is spending no more than €500 on ads, how much of an extra budget is going toward a consultant or an agency to manage the account? Probably too much…

Within that context, Instaon evolved from a traditional services agency into a smart AI-based Adwords tool with as only objective to help small & medium businesses around the world.

How does Instaon tackle the above-mentioned pains?

  • We removed complexity of Google Ads and created a fully automated tool for small & medium businesses.
  • Our high quality Google Ads Automation is starting Free and offers a more than affordable paid plan


Interested ? Try it out here.

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