Google adwords for authors

Marketing and selling a book over the Internet is not so easy considering that many authors are doing the same too. So, you need some help here to market, and Google Ads is your best partner.

More than just selling, Google Analytics (part of Google Ads) gives you an insight into the number of people visiting your site and the number of times, this visit turns into a sale for you. With such insights, you can tweak your landing page, modify the content or do just about anything else needed to improve your sales.

You decide your budget, target audience, frequency of ads and other aspects, so you're always in control of your advertising strategy.

To top it, ad business is a primary sources of revenue for Google and they go all out to ensure that you get the best value and service for your money. You can reach out to them at any time for help and support.

Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
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Some Statistics

43 % of new customers buy a product they have seen in a YouTube ad.

Consumers are 27 times open to click on a video ad than standard banners.

About 52 % of people shopping online prefer to click on paid advertisement atop Google's search engine results pages.

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