Google adwords for electricians

Below are some tips for electricians who are looking to use Google adwords to expand their client base.

  • Understand everything there is to Google adwords. It is not an easy world by any breadth of imagination. There are keywords, matches, budgets, ad group, negative keywords and so much more. Always feel free to take the help of a Google adwords company.
  • Allocate your budget well. Do a ton of research, get the right keywords and decide where you should park your money. There are many adwords pricing tools and adwords optimization software that can help you in this regard.
  • Location is important. As an electrician, you can only service a certain geographical area and not the entire country. The good news is you can target only customers who live within your service area, so make sure you set the location for your adwords campaign management.
Automated Adwords
Key Benefits
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Smart semantic analysis for Google Adwords
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Some Statistics

30.89 % : volume of smartphone Google results that show minimum one ad on the first page.

The top 3 paid advertising spots get 46 % of the visits.

Top Social media capture 33 % user's attention time.

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