Google adwords for retail

Below are some tips that will help retailers like you to make the most out of Google adwords.

  • Have a budget for both search ads and shopping ads in your budget, so you can use both the streams well.
  • Assign different priorities to different shopping ad campaigns. Consider using an adwords optimization tool if you need help.
  • Your shopping images should be of the highest quality and the prices accurate, so your potential customers can make informed decisions.
  • Use reviews and promotions to entice customers and to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Have complete control over your ad campaigns, so at any point in time, you know which campaigns are productive and which ones you need to change. A good adwords campaign management software can make this job easy for you.
Automated Adwords
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Some Statistics

About 52 percent of people shopping online prefer to click on a paying advertisement atop Google's search engine results pages.

30.89 % : volume of mobile Google searches that return minimum 1 ad on the first page.

Marketers spend 51 % of their money on mobile ads.

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