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This is a platform established by Google to render services to advertisers (website owners) on the internet. This AdWords is a tool which allows companies or individuals to bid for keywords that they want to show up on Google search result, which is relevant to their businesses. In Google AdWords you are free to set various Ads without charges; you only make payment when people click on those ads. These Ads could be display Ad, search Ad, or even video Ad; Which are your YouTube videos, mobile Apps, shopping ads, publisher websites and so on. The beauty of Google AdWords is that after spending a little amount of money on clicks to bring visitors or traffic to your site, you can track and analyze the outcome or data of your audience to know better ways to target them.

When do we use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is necessary for every business owner who desires for its business' success. Whether you want to grow your online sales or improve numbers of your local customers, Google AdWords is the answer. With this tool, you can monitor your website to know how many visitors or those your ads are shown. Just as we mentioned earlier, it helps to target your kind of customers or audience and enable you to know the situation of your business with its tracking tool. Certainly, AdWords is efficient in driving high-quality traffic to your platform once you have been able to collect data and analyze what is working for you and what you need to change in your ads. You should endeavor to try your luck and see how it will fare in an AdWords business.

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What is Google AdWords optimization

This is just a step to rank your AdWords in a higher position to increase your bids. Endeavor to create an ad with quality content that is free from niches. Google have spent much time and effort to set accurate bids and a combination of relevant AdWords to reach perfection. That is, you need to think out of the box as advertising and bidding have become more competitive and complicated as well, and also study how to manage AdWords so that your content won't be shifted into another group aside your target. Although there are so many bidders these days on the same keywords with the higher amount, there are optimization tools we could deploy to Google AdWords to enhance our chances.

They include;

Budget management, to make sure your bid is allocated effectively.

Keyword research tool, to ensure you reach your targeted audience by using the most suitable keywords.

Reports showing the performance of your advertising campaigns

Campaign management, which assists in setting up advertising campaigns.

Google AdWords prices and cost

It is straightforward to set a price as an advertiser if you are too willing to pay per click on ads. Google doesn't charge for displaying an advertisement on whatever platform you are using, but on people who click your ad to view your contents. Though you could end your campaign and also change your pricing whenever you wish without cancellation fees.

However, setting up a budget for your AdWords campaign is your choice, you could invest hundreds of dollars if that's what you are comfortable with, as there is no obligation to hinder you from taking preferable steps. You can begin a Google AdWords campaign from anywhere even at your comfort zone using a credit card, debit card or bank payment.

What are Google AdWords benefits

Google AdWords is a platform that fits with any business plan we have in mind, Whether small, medium or large. You could also monitor your growth using the reporting tool provided by Google to know if a change is needed or not.

Moreover, it is cost effective and highly efficient in reaching your targeted audience whether local or international with instant result.

Google AdWords optimization (CPC/CTR)

Cost per click is the actual price you pay when someone who is searching for what you sell or offer click on your ad, which is what you are paying for as an advertiser. We have maximum CPC, which is the highest you will pay per click, meaning you won't be charged more than this if someone clicks on your ad, while the final amount charged per click is called actual CPC.

CTR or click through rate depends on many factors such as your ad quality copy which beats your competitors and same time focus on your targeted audience, moving them to make a purchase.

Google AdWords campaign management.

This is a set of ad groups such as keywords, bids, and ads that share budget, location targeting, and distribution of Google networks. It is used to manage or organize the list of services you offer by setting up different campaigns to run an ad on separate locations.