TOP 155 Questions about Google Ads & PPC campaigns

What do you get using Google AdWords?

Using AdWords to bid on keywords that are relevant to your business, is a wise stake. Just as we all know, that every gain comes with a certain sacrifice which could be a wise investment, knowing when to make a stake or better still - ability to identify an opportunity. Here, the sacrifice you make is the money you pay to Google for clicks which drives traffic or potential customers to your website or whatever platform you are using for conversions or sales.

How do you rank using the quality score in Google AdWords?

AdWords is a bidding system where your maximum bid is the amount you are willing to pay per click on your ad. Quality score is Google's way of rating relevance and quality of your keywords via how relevant it appears to the searchers. High-quality ads with relevant ad groups help raise the quality score, which determine your cost per click (CPC). It depends on factors like click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of keywords, landing page quality and more to determine your actual ad position.

What are the factors in each ad campaign?

Landing Page: It is a page that a customer is directed to when they click on your ad. A landing page sole purpose is to capture a lead that could result in a sale. A good landing page targets audience interests and offers. It keeps potential customers on your website learning about your organization to make a purchase.

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Expected CTR: On online business, CTR means click-through rate. It is used to calculate the number of potential buyers that trigger your ad. High Click-through rates most times show that your ad reached your targeted audience, due to its relevance in search results, while a low click-through rate means that your ad is not reaching the real customers.

To achieve the desired result in Google AdWords, you will need to work on some factors:

Improved Ad Rank: Endeavor to improve your ad rank as this will help push your keywords in search engine results. The relationship between click-through rate (CTR) and Ad rank is that the higher your CTR, the more your ad relevance increases.

Reduction in Cost Per click: Just as we noted earlier, if you have relevant keywords with a lot of searchers, your quality score also improves. That is, a high CTR will increase the quality score and decrease Cost Per Click due to improved quality.

Improve Quality score: the quality score is a step used by Google to keep paid search results relevant to the potential audience. It has a link to the performance of your click-through rates (CTR). If you have high CTR, it could mean your keywords are relevant to users, leading to an increase in clicks.

Increase in Conversion rate: Having the right tools in place, with specific and refined keywords that show your ads directly to the targeted customers, there will always be conversions. The aim of every marketer or business person is profit, either offline or online. Endeavor to do the needful and enhance conversions which will result in more revenue and increase in profit.

Types of Advertising on Google AdWords

How do you advertise using AdWords?

Do you know that there are millions of people all over the world searching for the same thing you are offering for sale? I bet you do, but don't know how to go about it.

Driving a Google AdWords is cost effective if you want to appear to a multitude of searchers and display your business to them. There are various means to do these from your comfort zone and still reach out to them.

Create a whelming ad for your product, with the relevant keywords based on what you're offering, avoid clich├ęs as you may be paying for wrong clicks. Let your ad be specific. So that potential customers might search on Google and locate your business.

If you are on a low budget plan, bother less, don't panic to set your search ads budget. This is because Google uses various criteria to rank ads, make sure you have clear objectives with a proper understanding of Google tools to monitor and analyze results. Also, endeavor to create relevant keywords to match the content in your ad.

Are you scared of control and refund?

Don't worry, on Google AdWords campaign; you adjust your budget as you wish with no contract nor charges with cancellation. Furthermore, you can use whatever platform that suits your service best. You can go live with video ads, images using websites, blogs text and so on.

Know your targets

Don't you think it will be useful?

In digital marketing, achieving a result is equivalent to knowing who or where your audiences are located.

Are you targeting foreign customers? Local clients or both? These are questions you should consider before starting up your carrier in the Google AdWords campaign.